A new office Globalworth Poland Real Estate N.V.

A new office Globalworth Poland Real Estate N.V.

cmT had the opportunity to act as a Project Manager in case of arranging the GlobalWorth office in the Spektrum Tower building, which was opened at the beginning of March.

The arrangement combines modernity with high-quality design. The office is equipped with a modern Philips DALI lighting system that uses an intelligent user presence system by using, among others, motion detectors. The control over lighting and thermal comfort is carried out with the Qpoint system using a QR code control system from the application dedicated to the tenant. In toilets, users have the option of controlling the sound system. Quite rooms are equipped with an audio system. On the surface there are several lighting fixtures with the Lifi system (Light Fidelity where lighting provides internet connection using light waves).

Among many modern architectural elements felt on the walls and ceilings, cladding of copper drawn grids, wooden claddings, high-quality furniture and equipment were used.